What is a real estate Buyer's Representative
And why you should use one…

  • Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) designation

The benchmark of excellence in buyer service demonstrates to clients that Ruth Bethem has taken steps to continue her education in the field of buyer representation and has the proven experience and training to deliver ethical and professional service to real estate buyers.A buyer's representative represents the consumer that is purchasing property in the real estate transaction, not the seller. A buyer representative owes full fiduciary duties, including loyalty, to the real estate buyer. The buyer representative has the client's best interest in mind through the entire transaction. The buyer's agent is compensated through the brokerage of the seller's agent. That brokerage in turn pays half of the received commission to the agent's brokerage. The buyer's agent is then paid on whatever level has been negotiated between the agent and their broker. Nobody is paid until the transaction is closed.
  • Why You Should Use an ABR….

As a consumer, how often do you purchase real estate property? Once, twice, three times in your lifetime? Purchasing real estate is a complex and major transaction with many details to be handled. In the majority of the cases, the seller has representation, wouldn't you want complete and fair representation in your real estate transaction? Your ABR is responsible for protecting your best interest. The single most important resource to have on your side is an Accredited Buyer's Representative.

The answer is YES! The question is "Does the Ruth Bethem Real EstateTeam represent buyers in new construction?" Please keep in mind that the on-site salesperson represents the builder and will work in the builder's best interest, therefore it is imperative you have representation to be the buffer between you and the builder….at no cost to the buyer! Additionally, we include new homes and new subdivisions in our showings of homes throughout the Naples/Bonita Springs/Marco Island area. Builders in our area seek assistance from us since we account for a large percentage of their product.


It is the policy of our Team to be present when viewing new homes. When arriving in Naples, it is very tempting to "wander" into new home construction, however, in order to have buyer representation nothing must be signed or registered without a Bethem Team member present. The majority of new homebuilders will not allow viewing of their models without your buyer representative present.

Our "Standards of Client Care"

Accounting - our responsibility to protect our client
Reasonable care and diligence
Accountability for my actions



For a complete and detailed list (we don't want to tire you out before you get here!) simply request a buyer's packet and it will be sent to you via mail.

Need Assessment Consultation
Mortgage/Cash Buyer Information
Neighborhood Identification Consultation
CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Why overpay?
Current Real Estate Laws Affecting Transactions
Q & A Session Regarding Contingencies
Proven Effective Negotiating Techniques
Overcoming Seller's Objections
Advise and Consult vs. Show and Tell
Utilization of Florida Association of Realtors Purchase Agreement (higher protection value)
Full Time In-House Transaction Coordinator
Contractual Date Calendar (we're the "string around your finger)
Inspection follow-through for repairs/escrow
Assist relocation agents when necessary
Provide utility guides, Newcomer's Guide, Restaurant Guide (why cook on moving day, right?)
Follow through with lender and closing agent to ensure all documents have been delivered
Coordinate closing day schedule
Help coordinated moving day, if needed
Coordinate final walk-through of property
Confirm arrival of wire transfers/confirm cashier's check has been obtained by buyer
Follow up with the buyer the day after closing
Follow up with the buyer the week after closing
Follow up with the buyer the month after closing
Follow up reminder sent in October for November's tax bill (you may have a refund coming!)

Included in your FREE Buyer's Packet:

You will receive 10 checklists that will get you from Pre-approval to Moving Day…easy, convenient and best of all………IT'S COMPLIMENTARY (sorry, it won't tell you how good you look, but I will!) OUR REFERRAL NETWORK A referral guide for home inspectors, title companies, attorneys, bankers, mortgage brokers, 1031 Exchange Intermediary, as well as our Concierge Service list. Phew!!….if there is something you need that you don't see on this list, please ask, it is always our pleasure to assist you in any way possible.



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