You Final Walk-through Inspection Checklist

Ok, so you've gone from open house to open house to your Realtor® showing you house after house, you've made a decision on a great house, you've submitted a contract and now your ready to go to the closing and sign all the papers to make this dream home yours.

But wait. Before you arrive at the closing table you want to make one last visit to the property and do a final walk-through inspection. This checklist will help to check the most important item.

Naturally this is after you've hired a home inspector to investigate your property. Make sure that you have his report with you and check to see that all repairs, if any, have been made to your satisfaction. If it is an item that is hard for you to examine then ask for copies of the paid repair work order's.

When doing your walk-through have a list of items with you that were to be included in the sale of the home. This may include any special light fixtures, decorative items, curtains or draperies, lawnmowers, etc.

If the home comes with hurricane shutters, make sure they are stored and available or if they are electric then try them out. Did you expect to get screens for the windows? If so see if they are in place or find out where they are stored.

Go through and turn on and check each and every appliance from the refrigerator, to the microwave, to the dishwasher, to the stove/oven, to the trash compactor. Check them all to make sure they are in working order. Make sure the previous owner left all the owner's manuel's, warranty packets and any other instructions you believe you need.

Don't forget items like the doorbell and some homes have intercoms that needed to be tested from every room where they are installed. Also important is if the new home has a security system in place. Do you know the codes and if it is tied into a remote office, do they know that you are the new owners? You don't want to be accused of breaking into your own home.

The hot water heater should have been checked by the home inspector, but verify that it is operational.

Take a walk around the home and make sure that all the landscaping that was present when you viewed the home is still there and that nothing has been removed or replaced unless agreed upon in the sales contract.

Does your new home have a garage and does it have an automatic opener? First check to see if the door operated properly and then check to make sure you have all the remotes that apply to that door.

If your new home is in a gated community you will most likely have a remote gate opener for your vehicle. How many should you have?

The last item that should be on your final walk-through inspection checklist is to look for any personal items that may have been left behind my the previous owners or any trash or items that do not apply to the home. Check with the local authorities as to your legal right to throw the items away or whether you need to contact the original owners.

If you use this checklist you will have covered most of the major concerns for a final walk-through inspection. Once completed you will feel more comfortable going to the closing and signing all the documents. Once that is complete, your dream home is yours to enjoy for many years to come. Peace of mind is priceless.


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