Why You Need a REALTOR®

For most people buying or selling a home is a major event. This is one time you want as much information and advise that you can gather. There are so many forms and documents and go into the final purchase or sale of a property these days, such as, seller disclosures, home inspections, your new insurance and all the final mortgage documents. Most of these documents have deadlines that need to be met. A Realtor® has the education to guide you through the maze of papers to meet your deadlines and to help you avoid mistakes that may cost you time and money.

Do you have the time to allot to selling your home? In a normal market it may still take 2-3 months or longer to sell a property plus the time to get the contract to closing. Do you have time to stay on top of all the requirements and deadlines. Your Realtor® has systems in place to ensure a smooth transaction.

Once you get involved in a real estate transaction there may be times when you thing everyone is speaking a foreign language. Like any field, real estate has its own lingo and sometimes it's hard to follow if you don't talk real estate everyday. Your Realtor® is fully knowledgeable about these terms and will explain them to you.

How many homes have you bought and sold? Over a lifetime most people will only buy or sell a few homes and most of the time this will happen with several years between transactions. Rules change, laws change and you need a full-time Realtor® to keep you up to date about the current legalities. The assist people in buying and selling homes everyday and are educated to help you save time and money as well as legal. They've been there...done that!

Purchasing a new home may be the biggest event you'll be involved with for some time. It's quite easy to get all wrapped up in the features and beauty of your new home but it's sometimes hard to separate yourself from the emotional feeling when making a major decision. That's where a third party, your Realtor®, can help to separate the business decisions from the emotional ones and keep you focused on items that will enable to enjoy your new home with peace of mind for many years to come.

Are ethics important to you? Of course they are and you should be comforted in knowing that your Realtor® is a member of a national trade organization called the National Association of Realtors®. NAR has over a million members that subscribe to providing a high level of service and integrity to their customers with the strictest code of ethics.


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