Yard Sale Basics

When you're getting ready to sell your home it is sometimes hard to keep the home presentable at all times for perspective showings. One way to help get organized is to hold a yard sale and make a few dollars while getting rid of all the extra household items you don't really use or need any longer.

  • Before you do anything, make sure you have the proper permits from the local authorities to conduct a yard sale legally.
  • Sometimes there are others in the neighborhood who might have been thinking of having a yard sale of their own. Join forces and have an organized block yard sale and you most likely will attract more buyers.
  • Like any other sales venture, you must advertise your location and dates. Get the kids to help out by putting up balloons while you put signs out on the corner streets. Make up flyers that can be put in store windows, etc.
  • Make it easy to find the price of the items. Price everything to be a bargain. Everyone who shows up at your yard sale is expecting a real "deal".
  • Don't sell grandma's wedding ring! Make sure the items you have available for sale are really the items you want to sell. You don't want to sell something by mistake.
  • Most people love pets, but a yard sale is not the place for them to be running around. You may miss a big sale when someone walks away because "Fluffy" is pulling at their pant leg.
  • Don't just throw everything into a pile. Organize item is groups. Children's clothes, children's toys, hand tools, kitchen items, etc.
  • Will you be selling any radio's or hairdryer's? It's a good idea to have an extension cord or an electrical outlet nearby to be able to test electrical items.
  • Even though buyers are looking for a bargain, they want to protect their purchase. Be prepared with some extra newspaper to wrap glass items, etc.
  • Everyone is not going to have the exact change, so be prepared like a business and have enough change and cash on hand to operate efficiently and then assign someone to watch the "cash box".


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