Naples Real Estate merging with the Green Flash

What does the Naples real estate market and the infamous green flash have in common?  Proof that good news travels fast and for your viewing pleasure, we have a nice selection of gulf front properties available in which to enjoy our many sunsets.  Our real estate company, Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. hit the $1 billion in real estate sales on November 4.  That makes it 7 out of our last 8 years we’ve achieved this goal.   So now, let me tie this into the green flash.  Not too many people have heard of this atmospheric event outside the Florida state lines, at least that’s the way it used to be, just like our hidden gem on the sea.   However, like our real estate market in Naples, good news always travels fast.  I hadn’t given the green flash too much thought as of late, but a few days ago, I had a reporter from one of the area’s magazines call requesting more information on this phenomenon as my name came up as a source for the information.  Not necessarily what one wants to be known for but ok, I’m game.  Real estate agents are always excited to hear that someone wants to use our expertise in the field of real estate and well, I’m never too shy to give my opinion.  The mind does some strange flashing in just a few short nanoseconds of all the possibilities that we can share with the public;  stats, percentages, market momentum, up markets, multiple offers, etc.  You get it. Fab Clean carpet cleaning company based in Sutton, Surrey were our definete favorites for the job.  Real estate stuff.  Information on the green flash was certainly not what I was expecting but I tried nonetheless to accommodate the requests.  Driving and cell phone talking has never been my strong suit but I think I gave her all she needed.  But when I got back to my office, I decided to revisit this information I had posted on my website a few years back and began to think that maybe this was something I needed to share with my readership.  So, let me introduce you to a phenomenal, elusive, atmospheric event known as the green flash available on my website at Here’s the direct url for it I sure hope you get the chance to visit us in Florida in hopes of chasing the ever-elusive green flash.  It is a rare club of which there are few members that have experienced it, but that doesn’t deter any of us from always chasing it.  For further information or any questions on Naples real estate please contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.

Vinegar and Real Estate. Really? Part II

On Tuesday I posted about some of the great uses for saving your real estate and how handy this inexpensive product is in use for all areas in your home, whether it be Naples, Florida or Naples, Italy.  Click here is you missed Part I.

This is one of my all time favorite uses and I use it about every 3-4 weeks because the coffee stains cloud the pot and I’m a bit anal, I really can’t enjoy my coffee unless it comes out of a sparkling carafe and not something that looks like it survived an army barracks back in the 40’s.  My husband will probably be humiliated that this is going in print, but, he told me that when he worked in the tv studio, he never washed his coffee cup!  Yuk.  He dumped the coffee, ran an eye dropper full of water thru it and called it a day.  For 7 years folks!  A Petri dish would probably have less bacteria.  I’m thinking it probably contributed greatly to his hair loss but, what do I know??!   Remove stains from coffee and teacups by scrubbing them gently with equal parts of salt (or baking soda) and white distilled vinegar. Rinse clean.  Or, for the internal system, try this:  Remove mineral deposits from coffee makers with white distilled vinegar. Fill the water reservoir with 1 cup or more of white distilled vinegar and run it through a whole cycle. Run it once or twice more with plain water to rinse clean. (Check the owners’ manual first.)  I admit, I only do this about once a year.  OVENS: Avoid the bad smell when you heat up a newly cleaned oven by using a sponge soaked in diluted white distilled vinegar for the final rinse. To clean a grease splattered oven door window, saturate it with full-strength white distilled vinegar. Keep the door open for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping with a sponge.  Easily clean your mini blinds by wearing pair of white cotton gloves.  Dip gloved fingers into a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm tap water, and run your fingers across both sides of each blind.  Get rid of calcium deposits on faucets by soaking a cloth or paper towel in white distilled vinegar and wrapping the area tightly. Let this sit for a couple of hours or overnight.  Remove soap buildup from faucets by scrubbing them with a solution of 1 part salt to 4 parts white distilled vinegar. GUYS, LISTEN UP:  Clean hardened paint brushes by simmering them in a pot with white distilled vinegar. Soak them first for an hour before bringing the white distilled vinegar to a simmer. Drain and rinse clean.  Clean your grill by spritzing white distilled vinegar over wadded up aluminum foil and scrubbing the grill vigorously with it.  Drum roll please….and my #1 favorite reason for the use of vinegar:  Remove the smell of a dead mouse or other rodent (after removing all animal remnants) by wiping down the area with either white distilled vinegar or bleach. Then place a fabric softener sheet in the area to remove any lingering odors. Hasn’t this been a great learning experience!  For further information or any questions on Naples real estate please contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.

Vinegar and Real Estate. Really? Part I of II

Want a few tips on how to keep one of the most important investments (your home) in top shelf condition here in Naples, FL?  Well, I’m first going to test you:  Who remembers this really fun game on tv in the late 70’s early 80’s called the $10,000 Pyramid?  You’re smiling so you must know what I’m talking about.  If you guessed all the blocks on the pyramid, you won the top cash award.  They gave one word hints and the player had to guess what all those items had in common.  Some were so far off the wall a psychic couldn’t have guessed it but I’m going to make this one really easy on you.  Here it goes:  Appliances.  Garbage Disposals.  Showerheads.  Windows.  Old Concrete.  Shower Doors.  Guess it yet? You got it, vinegar!  Geez, like how hard was that I already gave you a good clue.  So, today, it’s all about the vinegar.  Cheap. Easy. Always accessible.  Here’s a few tips from the website  I’ve been using it for years and not just for real estate, try 2 Tabl mixed in water with a bit of your favorite sweetener in a small glass of water to keep your internal system working.  This is a trick I picked up from a friend who owns a commercial window cleaning in Edmonton and she swears by it. Oh, life is great with vinegar.  Clean the microwave by mixing 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl ( according to, hard water can prevent the proper chemistry from happening).  Bring it to a rolling boil inside the microwave. Baked-on food will be loosened, and odors will disappear. Wipe clean. Deodorize the garbage disposal by pouring in 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hot white distilled vinegar. Let sit for 5 minutes then run hot water down the disposal.  Or, Deodorize and clean the garbage disposal with white distilled vinegar ice cubes. Make them by freezing full-strength white distilled vinegar in an ice cube tray. Run several cubes down the disposal while flushing with cold water.  To clean a scummy showerhead, pour 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup white distilled vinegar into a sandwich bag and tie it around the showerhead. Let this set for an hour after the bubbling has stopped. Remove the bag and then turn on the water.  Create your own window cleaning solution by combining 1/2 cup non-sudsy ammonia, 1 cup white distilled vinegar, and 2 tablespoons cornstarch in a gallon of water.  Remove the wax residue left by commercial window cleaners with a solution of 2 cups water, 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap or detergent.  Before painting old concrete, clean with full-strength white distilled vinegar. Let it air dry.  Spray shower doors with full-strength white distilled vinegar after you’ve squeegeed the glass, or before you step in and turn on the water. It will help release the hard water deposits so they don’t remain on the glass.  For further information or any questions on Naples real estate please contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.  Check back on Wednesday for Part II.  I know it’s riveting but hang in there, Wednesday will come quick enough.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio Update Part Two

This is the final part of a two part posting regarding the constituent Town Hall Meeting held on Friday, February 4 in Naples, Florida at The Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR).  Click here to view Part I if you missed it:

As one self employed constituent brought up to the Senator regarding the apex of his inability to earn a living as a painter was due to small business restrictions that are out of control by the EPA.  Senator Rubio understands regulations of all types are strangling the very essence of small businesses that make up 99.7 percent of all employer firms.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject here’s some more interesting facts from the U.S. SBA:

  • Employ just over half of all private sector employees.
  • Pay 44 percent of total U.S. private payroll.
  • Have generated 64 percent of net new jobs over the past 15 years.
  • Create more than half of the nonfarm private gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Hire 40 percent of high tech workers (such as scientists, engineers, and computer programmers).
  • Are 52 percent home-based and 2 percent franchises.
  • Made up 97.3 percent of all identified exporters and produced 30.2 percent of the known export value in FY 2007.
  • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms; these patents are twice as likely as large firm patents to be among the one percent most cited.

So, back to Rubio:  Regulatory reform is the key to business in D.C.  He spoke about being proactive in and voting for Health Care Reform. As it stands now, it’s killing job creation and diminishes the quality of care.  He has seen the direct benefit to his parents from Social Security and Medicare and knows it’s got to have reform for the current and future generations.  Entitlement Reform is big in his goals and it will be up to President Obama to lead the way.  That will either become evident this week when he submits his budget or it will show he doesn’t have what it takes to lead the nation (my words, not his).   The Discretionary Fund:  Needs major overhaul and is in favor of banning earmarks but realizes that in and of itself, is not the magic answer.  Without sounding like a cheerleader for him, I felt that his words and commitment to Florida in not playing the same old political games became forefront in the commitment and response from his constituents.  As one man of 71 yrs stood up, he said that he, Senator Rubio “Got it.” The “it” being what only a select few have and many others strive for but never achieve.  And there really wasn’t any other words needed as the crowd threw themselves onto their feet and applauded vigorously.  This man said that he’s always had very little faith in any politician that ran to lead our nation in the White House but that he voted for JFK and again for Reagan.  He said the next vote he casts for President will be for the young man that stood in front of him, sure of his principles, faith and commitment to those that he represents.  I would certainly agree with that.  Does he need the experience behind him, yes.  But remember, this is not the first of his legislative career, he was Speaker of the House for Florida so he knows much more than some “outsiders” are giving him credit for.  Time will lead us to the answers but I for one hope he continues to pursue his passion, not forego his principals and stay the man and leader Floridians voted for in November.  For further information or any questions on Naples real estate please contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio Update Part One

The Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR) in Naples, Florida was honored with being selected by Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio, (R) as his first stop since his victory in November 2010 to the U.S. Senate, for his first post-election Town Hall Meeting.  I’m going to try not to write like I have a gushing love affair with him. It’s easy not to find faults, although I’m 100 percent sure he has them, so I’ll try to stay objective and will center my efforts on the facts.  Let me first say that the room was fully occupied with standing room only.  All the expected media was present but even they seemed starry-eyed to see him.  He most certainly has a presence about him and has an extremely affable, not phony, persona about him.  He connected immediately with his constituents and after speaking for just a bit, it was easy to see why he won the election.  He’s the epitome of the guy next door.  The one you find so easy to pop a brewskie with on a hot summer’s eve.  Get past the handsome face and self-deprecating charm, the warmth and sincerity, and you’ll find a man that has the courage of his convictions and lives the walk that he talked about during his campaigning.  Consistent values.  Yes, you can compromise on ideas, but not principals.  After all, isn’t that one of the foundations that makes great relationships work?  True, he’s only been in office for 1 month and a day but let’s analyze what he’s accomplished in just a few short weeks.  I, for one, and by the way, from the turnout on Friday, I’ll bet there’s many, many more like me, will concur with my comments.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt as it takes quite a bit of organizational skills, some would even go so far as to call it community organization, to enlist his staff and accomplish getting set up in their new office in Washington, as well as, settling into new digs in Florida.  He will have offices throughout the state and specifically one in Southwest Florida although they’ve not decided yet if it will be Ft Myers or Naples and will rotate every 5-6 weeks.  He made it pointedly clear that he will not spend most of his time inside the Beltway, but rather where his roots are, where his peeps are.  To date, and these are just the things he spoke about and not the minutiae we can only imagine, he has become a member of the following Committees:  Foreign Relations, U.S. Intelligence and the one he’s most excited about, the Small Business Committee.  He is quite cognizant of the impact that small businesses have on the sustainability of a strong economy and feels he has a lot to add from immersing himself in that arena.  He has made a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq for 4 of those first 31 days, meeting with our troops and our leaders.  His passion for crediting our young men and women in service, along with a great capacity of deep American pride, was clearly evident when he spoke of those defending our country.View our best fish fillet knife available on sale now.   Check in on Tuesday for Part II of this update. For further information or any questions on Naples real estate please contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.