October mid-month Naples real estate report

In an effort to keep you current on the local real estate market here in Naples, the following are statistics from Oct 1st to Oct 15th from the local MLS.

  • 121 total units sold with an average price of $641,852.
  • 58 condo sales with an average price of $626,574.
  • 63 single family homes with an average price of $312,678 for a 2 bedroom or less, $626,262 for a 3 bedroom home and $994,411 for single family homes of 4 bedrooms or more.
  • Of the 121 sales, 53 closings or 44% of the sales were cash deals.

In addition, we now have approximately 10,800 residential properties on the market. This includes the following…

  • 4,860 single family homes.
  • 4,815 condos
  • 926 villas and duplex’s
  • 199 manufactured homes

Another interesting statistic that I found was that on October 15th, there were approximately 1,077 condos for sale in the $200,000 – $250,000 price range. In the first two weeks of October, there were 6 sales of condos in that price range. We still have plenty of reasonably priced properties on the market.