So you Missed Last Night’s Sunset, Huh?

One huge perk of owning real estate in Naples, Florida is watching God’s magic, night after night.  Never did I think that orange and purple could work so well together until I moved to Naples and experienced, with utter awe, the handiwork of our creator and his “artfulness” in throwing together such differing colors to weave the most memorable sunsets.  So, when you look at this photograph, taken by my hugely talented husband and business partner Rick, Rick Bethem Photography, you’re probably thinking, ok, where the heck is the sun and what happened to the sunset? Let me explain.  We’ve been having such incredibly mild temperatures and low humidity levels, that we decided it was time to put work aside for a bit and enjoy this great piece of paradise we live in.  I remember when we first moved here, for the first several years, we visited the beach so often that I never thought I would ever miss an opportunity to enjoy it, that is, until life took over and the novelty of having something so rare, so close to me, began to wear off.  It wasn’t until friends moved here that we were invigorated by their enthusiasm to “do the sunsets” as we were those first couple of years.  So, we’ve been more prudent about enjoying what we have because one never knows when it will be taken away.  That leads me to last night:  with a Chamber of Commerce evening, we headed down to the beach just as the sun was melting into the horizon.  With no clouds in sight, it still proved to be a beautiful sunset as the sinking sun started to take the shape of an egg as it slid behind the horizon.  I kept my eyes peeled for that illustrious green flash but to my dismay, there wasn’t any.  Oh well, no harm, no foul as they say.  As I was relaxing in the soft tropical breezes, watching the joggers, the lovers and the newlyweds, a beautiful bride and her groom were walking up the beach from the Naples Beach Hotel with their photographer.  I started to think about beginnings.  And endings.  I remember as a little kid having the bejezzers scared out of me when I was locked in a linen closet while playing a cruel game of hide and seek.  I’ve never forgotten that, as with most bad memories, but I try to make something positive out of it.  And last night, while sitting there with nothing but the sound of the waves slamming into the sand, the echoes of laughter in the distance, my mind began to wonder: Is Dark really Dark or does it just lack light?  You’re probably thinking, man, that’s a misnomer, and frankly, you’d be right.  Except that you’re not! Reason being:  we’re sitting in total darkness with nothing but a sliver of a moon, a lovely misdirected star sitting under it (or was it strategically placed as our own little twinkling gift) and this amazing photograph was produced from total darkness.  Five separate shots were needed ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, consecutively taken within the hour after sunset.  It’s just amazing what long exposures can produce.  And talent.  And faith.   So next time you’re at the beach, or dreaming of being at the beach, think about Naples real estate and don’t forget to contact Ruth Bethem at or direct at 239-777-7007 or toll free 877-777-7545.